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Trditions / Rituals

Extensive ethnographic studies show that Ayahuasca is of elementary importance in the shamanic ceremonies. Taking this concoction enables the Shaman to enter a transcendental universe. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and religious phenomenon using the technique of ecstasy, in which the Shaman takes the role of soul leader. During a state of trance his soul leaves his body to either ascend into heaven or to descend into earth.

Traditionally every Shaman develops a certain skill to perfection, e.g. control over wind or fire. The most widely practiced skill is probably that of healing, of the “curandero”. Personal experience is of utmost importance for the status of a healer. Both he and his patient are convinced that only the intake of Ayahuasca can reveal the right method of treatment to the “curandero”.




For many tribes living in the jungle of the Amazon Basin, Ayahuasca is the basis of their tribal religion. The state of intoxication is seen as a return to the origin of all things and people believe that in their visions brought about by this concoction they meet the gods of their tribe or witness the creation of man, of the animal kingdom or of what generally is called the “universe”.

This „Vision of the Origin of all Things“ is of elementary importance to the behavior and mentality of the tribes, it confirms them in their conviction that their religious values and foundations have always been valid.