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The Expedition


Experience on this unique and deeply affecting expedition the multifaceted nature of Peru (coastal plains, highland, jungle), its indigenous people and its culture. You will learn to perceive life from a new perspective by experiencing powerful meetings, spiritual ceremonies and cleansing rituals. You will realize how closely related are the quest for one’s own vision of life to deep shamanic healing. The inspiring work of the Shaman opens the doors to inner strength, truth, to courage and vitality – thus making us accept our responsibility for our own health.




Small groups, 4 to max. 6 persons

Day 1:
Air travel to Lima, overnight stay in private lodging

Day 2 - 4:
After breakfast, a trip to the mineral springs “Salinas de Chilca”. Rituals, breathing therapy at the seaside, introduction into the dietetics of Shamanism, mud therapy.

Day 5 - 6:
Trip to Marcahuasi. One overnight stay at this power place.

Day 7 - 11:
Trip to Sapachanga (meaning „Place of Magic“). Here you can experience first-hand the way of life of the indigenous people in rural areas. Tourists normally do not come here.

Day 12:
After breakfast a car trip of about seven hours to Satipo in the Amazon Rainforest. Two hours later the trip continues to Puerto Copa, overnight stay in a hotel.

Day 13 – 19:
Early in the morning we start a four-hour boat trip on the Amazon River. Our destination is Poyeni situated in a nature reserve. You will be accommodated in a jungle lodge. Here, you learn about the healing plants of the Amazon and prepare for the Ayahuasca-ceremony.

Day 19:
The boat takes us back from Poyeni.

Day 20:
Overnight stay in Lima.

Day 21:
Flight back to Europe.

Additional trips to Cusco Machupicchu available on request.

What you should bring along:

Light short- and long-sleeved shirts, light trousers and shorts, comfortable shoes, hiking boots and sandals, bathing suit, sun hat or cap, sunglasses, warm jacket, sweater, rain jacket, flash light, pocket knife, insect repellent, lip balm, toothpaste and sunscreen, 1 – 2 plastic bags, a carry-all, binoculars, camera (with flash), sleeping bag, large backpack, daypack.