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spiritual healing

Spiritual healing may be preceded by a mental or physical dysfunction. Healing depends on one’s willingness to deal with life and its processes on a deeper level, thus opening oneself actively for the healing process. The patterns dominating our consciousness in everyday life have to be revealed (see Healing). The duration of the healing process and its completion is thus determined individually by each person himself. By getting to the bottom of the causes of his own conflicts he will get rid of them. You can compare this process to the blazing of a trail through the jungle. That is true competence to act!




Any emphasis on differences or the seemingly inescapable feeling of loneliness disappears in view of the fact that there exists a bond not only among all people. Everything that exists is inseparable. My clients experience this bond during my Healing Expedition: they outgrow their problems, thus creating an energetic potential. They can feel joy; humor, intuition and creativity take the place in life befitting them. In the world of animals and plants, in the cosmos as a whole there is only one purpose: serving the One and thus reaching complete harmony. For this purpose every creature gets its individual place in our cosmos as well as an individual gift. Existing is a sufficient end in itself. Only man is taking himself too seriously in the scheme of things, thus disturbing the flow of life. He is always striving to control everything, unaware of the fact that without him everything would run perfectly well. The reward for his constant striving is worry and fear, preventing him from noticing the sun sending its rays through the leaves of the trees and from hearing the harmonious symphonies of the birds. There are no words to describe the perfection of nature. This beauty is also a result of our perception. It is our decision alone what we want to perceive – what we create!

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I systematically work with the elements water, fire, earth, air and ether. Healing could also be described as a perfect metabolism: a constant flow of energies, that do not have to be usurped from the outside. Man makes the transition from deliberate taking to conscious giving.

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