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Rituals are symbolic acts which link the everyday world to the spiritual world in order to achieve a certain aim, e. g. protection or cleansing. During the ritual, the client opens himself for a new vision, enters a renewed link with nature and returns to his natural center. Rituals for the most part are celebrated during the night when consciousness is more receptive. The rituals can take place in the forest or in my practice, depending on the needs of the client. Rituals have been known and well-proven for millennia. They are being practiced around the world in different forms.

Rituals are always personal experiences and I do not perform them for third parties. I use: drums, stones, flutes, perfumes, incense, flavors, flowers, trees, plants, water, earth, fire, candles, rattles, feathers, music (no CD), chants and cultic and native Indian objects. Their use depends on the person concerned and is very individual.

In a ritual like a Soul Journey you can find your Power Animal or your Power Tree.

Parting Rituals

We can be influenced by people, souls and energies from the here and now or from the past. They can prevent us from coming reaching our power. The Ritual removes these bonds when the client is ready for it.

Cleansing Rituals

The Ritual applies to people as well as to rooms. Strange or negative energies (e. g. cathexes) can be released, thus enabling the reestablishment of an airy, positive atmosphere.

Protection Rituals

Protection is called for in the case of imminent tasks or challenges, of danger or if the client shows „certain weak points“. By using various resources it is possible to erect a protective shield, a procedure adopted in the case of Black Magic. First, however, the client must learn to understand the reasons why he has been affected by Black Magic at all.

Incense Rituals

Using incense is one of the most important ritual acts. It is used for cleansing the body, the chacras and the aura and removes blockages.

Earth Healing Rituals

Healing of Mother Earth from a geomantic point of view.