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Price and Bank Details

How much are you prepared to pay for a healthy life?

Most people living in the so-called health-insurance society have never given a thought to that question. “Healing is for free”, they say, thinking that paying their health insurance contributions is enough. They consume the various therapies and medications like any other consumer goods of daily use.

Everyone asking to be healed, however, should be prepared to actively cooperate in this healing. Only then a true healing will be possible.

That is why I would like to encourage a conscious approach to the subjects of ‘being healed’ and ‘being healthy’ by not charging a fixed amount for my therapy sessions anymore. Up to now I have charged SFR 120.

Everyone coming to me is asked to express his/her appreciation for my work and his/her healing by giving a donation, keeping in mind that those who take should be prepared to give.

This is also the way of the universe which bestows its favors on us equally even if we do not like to admit it. I invite also those patients to come to me who at the moment cannot afford to pay for a therapy session. There will always be others prepared to pay more for those who are less well-off. But keep in mind: Those who keep repeating “I have no money” like a mantra will hardly be able to change their situation but will rather aggravate their poverty.

Bank details:      teodoro timoteo  martinez
UBS IBAN CH57 0023 5235 9022 5390 0
Account number:
PC-Account UBS: 80-2-2