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Waka tanka (Great Spirit) 

I pray to you since we are yearning to have you near.
Please give us light, love and hope for all beings on this Earth.
I pray to you and wish that all of us may walk on the Red Path and
that we may learn to achieve healing for our Mother Earth. I thank your for that.

Man’s heart is a sanctuary. In its center is a small room
housing the Great Secret.
To know this center of the heart you have to be pure and good and live
in a way taught us by the Great Secret. Thus a man who is pure carries the
universe in the center of his heart.

Pacha mama (Mother Earth)

Thank the Great Spirit
For all his Gifts
Honor the Aged, in doing
You honor Wisdom and Life.
Honor Life in all its forms,
Thus strengthening your own Life.
Honor the Women, in doing so
You honor the Gifts of Life and Love.


May you be guided by the light of your soul.
May the light of your soul bless your work with the secret
love and warmth of your heart.
May you behold the beauty of your soul in everything you do.

May the sacredness of your work give healing, light and renewal to those
who work with you and those who see your work and profit from it.

May you never tire of your work.
Let it be a source of refreshment, of inspiration and enthusiasm for you.
May you be present in everything you do.
May you never loose yourself in unreflected indifference.

May the day never become a burden for you.
May the morning find you awake and alert, ready
to confront your new day with dreams, hopes and
positive expectations.

May the evening find you happy and content.
May you be blessed, sheltered and secure when night envelops you.

May your soul calm, comfort and renew you.