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physical healing

Essentially, every person is whole!

I differentiate between physical and spiritual symptoms. In reality, however, they cannot be separated. Whether an illness is caused by a hormone deficiency or by a nervous breakdown is always determined by the individual’s state of being. The way he regards himself, his fellow men and the world determines his life. The inner reality of every person creates his outer reality! Shamanism does not evaluate illnesses or mental disturbances, it gets down to their causes. Regardless of the seriousness of the condition, cancer or cold, I always apply the same principle of healing. What differs is the duration of treatment which depends on the individual’s patience and readiness for self-healing. By and by the client understands that healing is a process. The treatment is completely adjusted to his individual needs. In the course of treatment a deprogramming can take place that even affects the cell structure

Man is able to influence matter with his thoughts, and human emotions can cancel out the conventional laws of physics. Feelings like love, gratitude, compassion as well as appreciation have a relaxing effect on our genes. An environment of such feelings induces the RNS to lengthen and to unwind, thus making it easer to be read.

On the other hand, feelings and reactions of depression, fear, unrest, hatred, sense of obligation, guilt and so on lead to an increased twisting of our genes, pressing the coils together, so that chemical processes in our bodies are blocked. Repairs are hard to be achieved. Man’s psyche reacts more strongly to negative stimuli. This is aggravated by the fact that by attaching too much importance to negative energies like fear and anger he deems these conditions „normal“.




One way to use the power of our feelings which are able to change the matrix of our biology would be the notion that our life already was perfect – just the way it is. Do not believe anybody trying to convince you that you are imperfect. What would it feel like not to have any problems, worries or frustrations any longer? Why harbor feelings of guilt? Concepts like “good” or “bad” have no meaning in our cosmos. Do not try to clear away obstacles in your life – this would only lead to creating new ones. The key is to attach less importance to the problems

In order to reestablish an unhampered perception, I release my clients from their mental and emotional constraints. You could say that I catalyze their blocked energies for them. This process, however, can only provide a temporary release. A true inner and therefore outer release is a decision of our consciousness which is being made anew every moment in our lives.