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Natur Medicin

The knowledge of the Shamans is based on communication with Nature and the Cosmos.

I am a member of the «Gremio naturista del Peru» - the organization for Natural Medicine in Peru




An important part of my therapies is the understanding for the All-embracing Spirit, for Him who holds all things. Within the limits of his/her potential, the client learns to understand the making of the universe. He/She gets to know the mechanisms of life and the laws of the cosmos. These are principles and powers every one of us is carrying within. I do not teach. Shamanism cannot be experienced by learning.

We realize that our objective reality is not more than our subjective reality. The face we are presenting to the world may well be
seen. Characteristics and personal traits become transparent. This is perhaps the point when man turns to his true self.


«Learn to dream the World into existence»


This personal mirror is the Natural and Earth Medicine. Looking into this mirror we see an image of the personality who has put on the “hidden self” in this life. Let’s try on a new dress or a new hat, let us scrutinize ourselves in the mirror. We want to see whether these things fit and please us. In a similar way we can
evaluate our “personality robe”* and the associated accessories with the help of Natural Medicine. Like a reflection in a mirror we can see our deficiencies or best features. This is only a small part of what Natural Medicine can show us.



Complete healing is ultimately only possible in an environment of love.


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