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My Philosophy

My name is Timoteo. In Ashaninka, language means OSHIPIYO, the song of the Lonely Bird. I belong to the Native Indian tribe of the Ashaninka (Campas) and I was born in San Pedro in the Amazon Region of Peru. Life in the Amazon Basin is of special importance. Everything is a sign. Everything holds and exudes mysteries. There are many strange and unusual things here, each and every one a mystery of its own. Amazon nature continuously shows us that we do not live in a materially stable universe but rather in a large field of constantly changing, dynamic energies to which we are closely connected.

«This is you. Your true self is identical to the highest energy manifesting itself in all things of the universe.»




Many dangers are lurking in the species-rich rain forest. Being ever alert and responsible for oneself are indispensable prerequisites for survival. Challenges presenting matters of life and death have shaped the awareness of my people. The indigenes do not know ideologies and social constraints. Thoughtful cooperation is predominant, coexisting with a respect for the individual and his desire for freedom. The seemingly most meaningless interactions between man and his environment are treated with respect. We allow shadows to exist and learn to integrate them into our lives. All of this defines our attitude towards life.

This school of life, inner freedom as a gift of
life as well an inner calling made me a healer. My father was a Shaman as well. AYAGUASQUERO and SHIRIPIARI. He introduced me into this ancient art of healing when I was only a child, and he taught me to recognize and transform good and evil without the need to protect oneself. In our point of view, Shamanism has its origins in the One Source of Being just as do for example Christendom or Buddhism. Shamanism is one way of perception amongst many.

In our view of the world there exist no religions, but rather a power which keeps everything in motion (since even atoms as well consist only of light quanta and vibrations). This power is backed by a conscious spirit flowing from the Source of all Being. Thus this Spirit is the matrix of all matter. I realized that this Spirit is inherent in every pebble, blade of grass, drop of water or the most inconspicuous small animal as the essence of life. Everything is linked together in an existential way. The whole universe contributes to the smallest detail. Nobody is alone.