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Life Coaching

My shamanic work of healing is an extensive life coaching as well as a spiritual healing:

Soul Retrieval: bad blows of fate, lovesickness, traumatic experiences and stress or illnesses are only examples for conditions which can result in a loss of one or several pieces of the soul. A vacuum develops in the person’s energetic field and is occupied by energies that do not belong there. I return the fragmanted powers and energies to their original place.


  • Protection Rituals

  • Lifting Mental Blocks and Curses

  • Love and Partner Rituals and Prayers

  • Salvation and Mourning Rituals

  • Karma Dissolution

  • Strengthening of Vital Forces by Native Indian Healing Methods

  • Soul Retrievals

  • Soul Journeys to your Power Animal and Power Tree

  • Animal Communication

  • Baptism in the Shaman Way

Medial Coaching: By using tarot cards, coca leaves (which are not consumed!), tobacco or pebbles I find answers to your existential questions and look into the past and the future. I help you in finding your way and your life-task. My support shall enable you to approve of your aims.

Physical Healing: Illnesses and disharmonies are the result of our weakening our body, our mind or spirit by drug abuse, malnutrition, lack of exercise, by phlegm and letting oneself go, by negative feelings like fear, jealousy, resentment of others as well as a low self-esteem. I help you to find a new self-concept and attitude of mind.

  • Transformation of Depressions

  • Help with Sleep Disorders (especially for children)

  • Release from Nightmares

  • Unblocking of Chakras and Chakra-Massage

  • Lifting of from Black Magic

House Cleansings: I build an altar in your home or prepare a healing concoction from flowers and herbs of the Amazon, which will have a regenerating effect and restores harmony in difficult circumstances. I also carry out energetic cleansings of houses and apartments.