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Essentially, every person is whole! Thus self-healing is a basic instinct in our spirit, our soul and our body. This instinct for self-healing has been reduced to a minimum by social influences and individual doctrines. So we render ourselves dependent on self-appointed authorities, believing that they know what is right or wrong for us. But who can tell what “being you” really means? Our philosophy of life is being formed and conditioned by what the majority (average) deems acceptable. This, however, is no solution. Most people live only in their imaginary world and not in reality. The doors to perception remain well-ordered. Feeling, tasting, touching, smelling, seeing and hearing are only puny remains of the wonderful gifts we once possessed.




My Shaman skills enable me to recognize the patterns of organic, mental and spiritual currents. I see the blocked energies that may manifest themselves as conflicts on a physical (body), emotional (feelings), mental (thoughts) or causal level. I connect to the core of the person and can see what prevents him from expressing his own truth. I touch energy vortexes that stimulate the self-healing capacities. Through my work the aura is cleansed, energies are balanced or integrated, thus enabling the soul to completely accept the healing process. You could say that I set the ball rolling.

Some people meeting me for the first time burst into tears. The feeling to be completely accepted triggers a feeling of enormous relief. Deep inside we all yearn to be accepted and loved just the way we are.


Healing is ultimately only possible in an environment of love.